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* When did you start painting graffiti?

* What is your inspiration?

* Where is the best graffiti in Denmark?

* What is your motivation?

* Have you had any confrontations with police  or other persons in the performance of  your graffiti?

* What do you paint and why?

* What do you think can be done to get more  focus on Danish graffiti?

* What percentage do you paint legal / illegal?
And will the criminal part become smaller if entered
more graffiti parks or places where it is legal?

* Who do you think is the best graffiti artist in Denmark?

​Interview with the graffitiartist "HERB".

The catalyst to do something creative is most likely due to a need to make something out of nothing, an otherwise very under-stimulated needs of our institutions. the many hours that was first used to look out the window in our school system, I began to prioritize differently by drawing graffiti and use my imagination. Although it was ugly at first, it gave a feeling of satisfying that I still have today and a unique opportunity to create something relatively original. As a sales response to an election that had been taken by society to equip our country mostly "logical".

Inspiration comes in many forms. One of the things I think is great is music and the many other people in the world with a similar view and needs to shape reality. Not to forget the many people who feel an excessive hatred toward the different and whats near to us as human opposite the mechanical.

This is a difficult question. Mostly in Copenhagen, however, I think it is question of taste.

All those annoying people with a view of the real world that usually does not turn out the way they thought. The motivation is people! and praise their imperfect lives, nothing is so inspiring to me as people who have heart in the right place every day in fighting a hard battle to be here without sacrificing others.

I have experienced being fined around 10.000kr to paint a skate ramp in Fælledparken, and ever since that episode, I have had a somewhat difficult and strained relationship with the context in which police, takes decisions of the Community.

I write "Herb", a name which is closely related to nature and which ties together my pleasure to smoke cannabis. I paint mostly in return for obtaining a personal satisfaction shared with other likeminded

I think, what is going to change, is Denmark's conception of "Right" and "Wrong". For my sake, you may think what you want, but when a large painting will be condemned on the basis of being morally inappropriate, it is a mystery to me - how to let Lars Bom indoctrinate us to 'buy' onfone abonnoment or Another matter profit maximization. It has long had a tradition of giving priority to material things of the intangible which is very sad.

I do not really have any figures to do with, besides my own personal experience. But often theres two sides of same coin. And it would certainly be much more problematic if one municipality agreed to ascribe young or old artists, places they could unfold for the collective good. But graffiti is also changing, very much like other things in life, and the Internet has certainly a thing to say. Styles are also changing and is coming back in the elements. It's crazy to have the opportunity to participate in the world of graffiti and in my opinion very exciting and especially beautiful organization!

There are a lot of super talented artists, a couple from my immediate memory of the old boys would be Sabe, Swet, Bates, Damn, Kats, More, Even, Kers, Sketch, Poland, Ocan, Thek, Isoe, etc. is a super cool initiative by virtue of the Internet can target a lot of people and distribute images and information between different households and hopefully soften our image of the original art in public spaces and the possibility to change it.

I would just say that when I had to find myself in difficult times, it was graffiti that has kept me up and made me able to function at a reasonable level to other people!

Interview with the graffitiartist "REMON".

I started painting in 1986.
I often get my inspiration from my dreams at night, otherwise I can also get very inspired by movies.
The best Danish graffitiscene you will  in Sydhavn in Copenhagen.
I'm not quite updated anymore, to say whos is the real hall of fames today.
My motivation is enough feeling for it. When you reach the end, when the piece is nearing completion, you become very high. You put the last Outlines and walk a few meters away to study it from a distance. Fucking awesome feeling !
I have had a few episodes... but have always just talked the police after her mouth. Nothing particularly exciting... is mostly not been discovered.
I paint primarily letters. But has also painted some characters. Letters I paint mostly because it is the easiest.
Well? graffiti has always had its own ring corner in hip hop culture because it is regarded by the populace as vandalism. I think the most active painters, oldschools as newschools will give a fucking shit in lawful fences, that the local authority puts up. Fokus you get from insiders. Because graffiti is the graffitipainters and no other, and trying to make it a popphenomenon and thereby check up on it, Copenhagen local authority is a joke ... But the focus generaly one can easily spread on the internet. You just dont put too much crime graph out on the page. The police as we know access to much on the internet ! Focus we have already abroad, there are many other painters who knows Danish graffiti throughout the world. I can honestly say that I dont paint much illegal... almost never ;-)
I think mr.SABE always has been one of the best, but Debs from TPN CREW is the best in Denmark in my opinion.

Interview with the graffitiartist "MALE".

I started doing graffiti around 1980 (7 years old).
My inspiration was "örva" and "fri hash" (free hash), I did not like hash (had not tried it, but knew that it was for adults).
Instead I wrote "fri ost" (free cheese), but only with chalk in basements in Brøndby Strand. "real" graffiti I started painting around 1984, there were electric boogie and of course the chewing gums, that inspired / motivated me.
I dont know where the best graffiti in Denmark is (other than mine of course ;o) Motivation, well enjoy myself and then i can hope that others likes it.
Website improvements, well have not used it much yet.
I have "visited" the police a few times or 20 and they have pictures of my old room, have not been busted so i had to pay for cleaning ;o)
I paint for fun (and I will soon be 40 and can not afford a porsche or a young blonde).
Dont know, DK's graffiti is some of the best in the world and have almost always been.
I can run 100 meters before I get a heart attack so it gives itself.
But more legal spots will be nice, there are not that many places.
and, for example when you paint in Sydhavnen it last only a few days.
It is difficult to say who's is the best painter in DK.

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